Every legal problem has its solution.

And we will provide it for you.

Pacalaj, Palla a partneri, s.r.o. is a dynamically growing law firm, founded on strong ethical principles and moral values, developing the idea of the role and core of advocacy and characterized by the provision of highly professional services with an individual proactive attitude toward every client.

The basic philosophy of the firm is to provide high quality comprehensive legal services within the area of private law on the basis of a special approach to each client. Our activities feature creativity and flexibility in order to satisfy our clients and the ability to find new solutions and not settle for routine procedures. Naturally, while working to resolve our clients’ issues, we guarantee the maximum level of discretion.

Our lawyers have significant experience with the provision of legal services to corporations and other clients. Each of us is able to focus on a certain area of law, and therefore, in this fast changing legal environment, we guarantee our clients that we will provide them with the most qualified legal advice. We approach each client’s problem thoroughly. In other words, we review the issue from every possible view.